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3D Coloring-Dinosaur Sketchbook Herbivorous

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3D Coloring-Dinosaur Sketchbook Herbivorous

│ Product Introduction │

3D Coloring – Dinosaur Sketchbook Serise are designed as educational technology IT fusion contents by utilize the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, through the virtual experience development of smart study effect and IQ & EQ for children.
3D Coloring – Dinosaur Sketchbook Series application producted for toddler(after 6 month) to elementary student. Also producted to help for virtual observe study school parent, preschool, kindergarten teacher and elementary school teacher.
The dinosaurs are expressed in four languages as English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean so it is possible with experience and foreign language study.
With continuous study effect and realistic 3D contents help the toddler as start to speaking, recognize figures and imagination, it is producted as realize the basic color distinction, for elementary school students and middle school student realistic sound effect with mother or teacher age voice actors narration it upgrade the study effect.

│ Main Function │

Total twenty(Carnivore: 10 kinds, Herbivorous: 10 kinds) of extensive dinosaurs are expressed in 3D, go into the looking for dinosaur food habit division, age division, the first findspot and habitate informations are explained in a glance.
With explanation of dinosaur fun for toddlers it is possible to move were it touch.
Consider about characteristic of virtual experience every dinosaurs are expressed in 3D, when it touches everytime the animation is producted as three or four narration(explanation) with subtitling so it can feel the education effect more.
Each screen, when it touches the users can see the dinosaur size by magnificate or reduce so it can experience interactive dinosaur.
This contents is optimized over “Android4.0” “Ice cream Sandwich” version.

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3D Coloring Book Dinosaur